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Velour Glass Cases
These superb glass case are the epitome of French style. Made in France to the upmost standard with attention to detail second to none . The cases protect your glasses while being less bulky and cumbersome in your handbag. They are absolutely beautiful using designs from the masters of the art world. The outside protects the glass while the inner lining is perfect for cleaning the lens (great for cleaning the screen of a phone too!)  
Book Bound Journals
A selection of elegant hardcover treatments that enhance these journals using acid- free archival paper . The ideal book for memoirs, thoughts, travel logs, verse and creative writing; the uses are endless they are simply created to inspire your pen.
Frank Lloyd Wright Collection
Frank Lloyd Wright (1867-1959) amazed the world with his architectural ingenuity and designs. His visions encompassed the buildings and residences he designed including art glass, furniture, lighting, and floor coverings as well as landscaping to create a unified whole. A portion of the sales of this product support conservation programs protecting his work. 
The Colours of Mexico
Serving dishes from Mexico that are bright and vibrant, with shapes that are fun yet practical. Ideal for small apartments that need a colour lift and really when it comes to entertaining the uses are endless. They make an inviting statement for outdoor gatherings; you can visualize olives, sun dried tomatoes, and a selection of cured meats setting a deliciously stunning scene.
Bags in Bags
The Dutch have created a brilliant bag by using the art of the Masters they have created a vast range to satisfy all tastes and looks, from The Classics to The Modern. These bags take 20 kg and are fully machine washable fulfilling the Dutch standard of quality. Easy to use and store this range will encourage us all to make better choices while shopping and so doing our small bit for tomorrow's world.
The most Romantic City in the world. A selection of Theme Making French items that are both beautiful and useful. From suitcases and book boxes for all the bits and pieces we never know where to store, from photos to letters and cards, to cables and USBs: all our tech guff that needs a home. These pieces are tastefully designed and will fit timelessly into many decors.
CECILY from New Zealand illustrates our sense of humor in all too recognisable situations through her unique art. From birthday cards to calendars, tea towels to delicious chocolate, this range gives us a fun choice of gift that brings an easy smile
Turkish Glass
Inspired by the colours of The Mediterranean this range is just splendid. We have pieces that are perfect for both Ornamental display but ideal when you are having a Special Occasion and you need a colourful bowl or platter for salad, seafood on an ice bed, pasta or simply fruit; the uses are endless. The colour selection is vast and the prices are surprising!
Mats Jonasson Anchor
Mats Jonasson
Mats Jonasson uses an exclusive crystal recipe which picks up reflected light, giving the glass the extra clarity and beauty.
Rosina Wachtmeister
By Goebel of Germany for the cat lovers of the world!
The gift for someone who has everything. The Bliss Eye Pillows are an absolute luxury; for anyone who gets headaches in the humid weather - these will help. An old idea but a good idea.
Friendship Balls
Stunning pieces of glass that are designed to highlight the meaning of friends.
Goebel Collections
Classical pieces from famous artists produced in new forms and dimensions. Complex processes and high quality craft make it possible to combine elegance and style, reproducing Materpieces of art history!
Japanese Concept
Hand pottered and finished bowls which are beautifully presented in wooden boxes acknowledging the artist's work. These superb functional items can be used as individual eating bowls or serving dishes and are suprisingly affordable. We get very excited each time a new range is launched and it never fails to impress!
Turkish Creations
In the tradition of the Ottoman Empire, we are offering a collection of ceramics made in Turkey. These creations are produced with the same detail of workmanship and intricacy that is both rich and colourful. They are wonderful value for something that is hand painted and therefore quite unique.
Every child should have Fairies living at the bottom of their garden. They can make all the difference in a sophisticated world.
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