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Celebrating 30 years in 2014, A Sheer Delight is an Aladdin's Cave for the Gift Giver and Collector alike. Personalised service is one of the first things you will notice as a newcomer to A Sheer Delight. Clients who have shopped with us for many years enjoy trusted advice from a team of experienced staff with ever present product knowledge.

Karen de Koning, expert on fine china and crystal

As a ceramic specialist it has always been essential to be in direct contact with factories in order  make sure we have all that is available on the production line especially the unique pieces. Over the decades we have been lucky enough to launch extraordinary collections and combine this with some very special guests in store, including Lord Wedgwood, Jim O’Leary, Alf Willis and so many more all who generously shared their knowledge and passion for their craft.


For myself, as a purist, I have always wanted to offer the genuine article, highlighting authentic art in a useful form and through this we protect the craft and creativity of the current and next generation of artisans.

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