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2016 At A Sheer Delight

2016 has arrived and there is a lot to look forward to at A Sheer Delight. January means we can start launching new products that we researched towards the end of the year.


A visit to the factory in October has allowed us full access to the superb range of useful and ornamental wares.

We will be landing Gien stock as soon as possible; if you enjoy all that is French, both Classical and Modern, this is something you will enjoy purchasing as a gift or in starting your own collection.


Wedgwood production in England is on the up. We also got to this iconic factory in October and new items will be arriving early this year.

WEDGWOOD JASPER is on the list and the pieces are quite unique, there will be items arriving that have never been seen in Australia before; a very exciting time for new and old collectors alike.

Please let us know if you would like notification of these product arrivals. It is a good excuse to visit the shop from far afield.

We do appreciate any feedback as this allows us to improve our ranges and efficiency at A Sheer Delight.

You are our best gauge!


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