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  • Karen de Koning

We are live!

A Sheer Delight has finally made it to the 21st Century. Thanks to a vast amount of work by Sarah de Koning putting the web site together and her other half Glenn who planted the

idea in the first place, making it less daunting than it could have been. At the press of a button the buying public can now have a snapshot of what we at A Sheer Delight offer.

Having just returned from the Melbourne trade fair new product is imminent, it is always exciting to see new creations that we just have to make space for.

Italian leather handbags – we launched the range last August and you all loved them so we have sourced greater variety of colours and shapes from the same manufacturer.

Stationery made in Australia from the Fine Art Masters to Deco designs that are bright and alive, including journals , mouse pads, files and more ; the prices will surprise you .

The new Turkish glass is just stunning, colours for all situations and shapes that are both useful yet ornamental, whether it be for a special birthday or wedding celebration there will be a piece in this range that makes a perfect gift... Remember we gift wrap for you!

I look forward to sharing what A Sheer Delight displays on a monthly basis. Your feedback would be very welcome; the key board is a huge step from quill and ink so we can only improve!

At A Sheer Delight we sincerely pride ourselves in Customer service so if you have a query please don’t hesitate to phone if you need an immediate response or e-mail if 24 hours is okay.

Thanks for your time, Karen

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