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Time for Dinnerware

Cold nights have started to arrive and the Autumn rains are helping the green to return to our gardens. It is  the time we start thinking about winter soups and comfort food, a good shepherds pie goes a long way; the past weeks have taught us to rethink our menus and get back to basics. Often as winter approaches we have friends and family visiting for a shared meal and then it is the time we also think about the dinnerware we use every day.

Replacing dinnerware can either be really cheap, they will chip easily and have to be replaced within 12 months (dinner sets are cheap for a reason), or we invest slowly to buy a product that literally lasts a lifetime. We have been selling dinnerware for nearly 40 years and have the knowledge to provide choices that suit you for now and into the future.

Denby is a brilliant example of dinnerware that stands the test of time, it has a richness of colour, a glaze that stays pristine over the decades and a durability that is extraordinary all this means you will continue to enjoy eating from it for years to come; this is good economy.

We also suggest you do not necessarily buy complete sets, you are not penalised price wise for buying the items separately; you need to select the items that fits your family requirements – for example I have Regency green dinnerplates and cereal bowls only, they match my existing service that has pasta bowls in perfect condition; however one daughter has Greenwich dinner plates, pasta bowls and cereal bowls, and I know they use their pasta bowls nearly everyday; we are all different.

The layby system is such a practical way of buying a long desired dinnerware; our laybys are 3 months and this means you can chip away over the 12 weeks. Our clients often will choose dinnerplates x 4 or x 6 and buy those first; this means a smaller layby and a quick result. The surprise for many is the effect Denby dinnerware can have around the home – it truly does adds character, warmth and personality to decors.

Denby is made in England and designed to be used both on every day and special occasions.

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