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Times They are a Changing

And so the song goes…

I have just gotten home after delivering my husband’s parents their food shopping and having a distanced chat; they are very sensible and calm but then they both lived during the war. There seems to be a new sense of calm; we all know what we must do to stay safe during this health crisis. It is a challenging time for us all. For some it has been pure heartache; for many it is a stressful time of adjustment (I can empathise with that) but under the solid guidance we have been given there is a vast amount of hope – we all just have to play our part because every single person factors in the result.

And thus A Sheer Delight has also adjusted. Last Monday our eldest daughter painstakingly photographed the majority of our product variety; I was her lackey but we were a brilliant team and I only got told off a couple of times! Now thanks to Sarah’s work we have started to provide you with a virtual collection of the products you would normally find in-store. I have the shop phone with me so am available essentially 24/7 as you can also communicate via e-mail if your prefer. We are taking payments over the phone and we are delivering FREE of charge to the Perth metro area; all in effect contactless.

A Sheer Delight is known for its service; we have always wanted to be helpful and nothing has changed. You can still call us up and we can talk through that special gift. It does not matter if it is a $9.95 soap or a $59.95 Turkish glass fruit bowl; all gifts are important because celebrating life’s events is still an integral part of who we are.

As usual we will gift wrap everything as needed and we are offering a free giftcard because we realise you might not be able to access greeting cards easily; you can choose your own design.

Talk soon,


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