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The Mixing Bowl is Back

The mixing bowl we all recognise is back in store! We are excited to be launching a comprehensive range of Mason Cash kitchenware. Based in Derbyshire, England since the 1800’s this is a trusted name in British kitchens and has been re-launched in an array of stunning colours suitable for every style of home.

Cooking is alive and well in Australia; the simple vanilla sponge made from 4oz butter, 4oz sugar, 2 eggs, vanilla essence and 8oz of self-raising flour is still the quickest, simplest recipe using a large mixing bowl with a wooden spoon. There is no fancy equipment and less washing up; children can lick the bowl - it is the stuff of traditions, and it gets the next generation cooking. Learning to fold flour is a life skill that transcends culinary requirements. Start with the basic mixing bowl and the possibilities are delicious.

My Nain's Recipe

(Nain said “ounces” but we shall say “grams” - they are the same amount just different names and numbers!)

REMEMBER – Preheat your oven to about 160 Celsius and grease a cake tin really well before cooking

1. Mix 100 grams of butter (or margarine) and 100 grams of sugar in your bowl. Mix well; take out your annoyances. I use a wooden spoon

2. Add 2 eggs straight from the shell, mix again thoroughly.

3. Add a splash of vanilla essence, mix again

4. FOLD IN 200 grams of self raising flour, sifted – TO FOLD MEANS turning over the mixture until blended, gently goes after three or four turns. I add a good splash of milk while folding as it makes for a beautifully moist cake. You do not have to rush this because all of a sudden you are there.

5. Put into cake tin. Cook on fan forced for about 45mins.

This is your basic vanilla sponge cake. Some alternatives could be:

– ADD CHOPPED CHOCOLATE (cheaper than packs of chocolate buttons) do thiswhen adding flour.

- ADD MASHED UP WHOLE BANANA – do this before the flour. It is so yummy – a true all the time winner, especially when you have over ripened bananas!


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