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Christmas on Your Budget

That is a result we can achieve for you, with beautiful, personally selected gifts that will please everyone who opens a parcel gift wrapped from A Sheer Delight!

Christmas is upon us once more. Shopping does not have to be stressful especially when time is against you. At A Sheer Delight we can offer so much help completing Shopping lists. We are a stickler for budget and regularly clients are amazed how often they come in well under budget with a high standard of the selection. We wrap all gifts purchased in our store and label each gift so there is no confusion.

The variety of items under $10 dollars will surprise however it is the unique nature and quality of these things that is so pleasing. We all have many to shop for and that is why you need choices; an Italian leather handbag is $135, Waterford crystal from $99, Authentic Italian quill pens are $54.95 including ink, and a vast array of Turkish Glass from $28.95 …plus so much more!

We also cater to corporate needs as well. Goods selected according to the occasion including budget, gift wrapped, labelled and delivered to the workplace (metro area has no charge) if time does not permit a trip to the store.

Christmas is a magical time. We just have to let it be so. It is the SEASON OF HOPE and we at A Sheer Delight hope we can give YOU assistance this Christmas Season.

All The Blessings of Christmas to You and Yours

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