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Put all your eggs in one basket for Easter at A Sheer Delight!

The start of the year at A SHEER DELIGHT is always an exciting time as we take on new projects and source new products. This means each time you walk in the door there is a feast for the eyes. Gift shopping is not always just about the purchase and there is much pleasure to be gained from browsing through a labyrinth of treasures not knowing what you will see next; our exclusive selection of English ceramics especially Wedgwood and Goebel will thrill the most seasoned of collector.

Limited edition Wedgwood has already arrived and looks stunning on the shelf with many clients already appreciating what we have. Samples of a new range of Wedgwood Jasper are due very soon .The design is a very elegant, contemporary look "made for today", with shapes and sizes that will fit into modern decors. Using 18th century skill and all made in England, typically this range of Wedgwood is timeless and will not date. Expressions of interest are invited so that our clients can reserve pieces in advance and start a lay-by of 6-8 months, allowing for collections to be complete if desired. We are excited about this new concept of Jasper: the skill at the Wedgwood factory is certainly alive and well.

Easter is coming rapidly - of course we have landed our beautifully enamelled tin Easter eggs from England. There are new designs for those of us who have been buying for many years and we are continuing with the old favourites that continue to be so popular. Priced from $6.50, this is the Easter Gift that lasts: still indulge in the chocolate but try using nicer chocolates and less to fill these eggs or provide alternative treats. Supermarket chocolate eggs are no longer cheap and this proves to be a more economical option without compromise. The designs are perfect for all ages, indeed the hardest and nicest thing is in the choosing! The symbol of Easter is clear: this just helps deliver the message.

It is time to thank so many of you for your feedback on our website; it really does help develop this side of our business, we are just trying to help you find what you are looking for, especially when the world seems to be going at such a fast pace.

Never hesitate to phone or e-mail with the smallest of queries.


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