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Christmas 2017

December is always interesting in store at A Sheer Delight - we have so many new gifting ideas that inspiration will jump out at you after only a few minutes of browsing. The variety gives you choices that are a step apart from the ordinary; indeed this is what true specialists provide as we source gifts that often cannot be found online or in chain stores, making our selection so different from the norm.

Our selection of Christmas ornaments are beautiful and our clients have already shown their appreciation; there is still a great selection because we buy volume well in advance for the season ensuring that last minute shoppers will have a choice. If you are in Midland it is a good idea just to call in if you have ten minutes to spare. It takes two turns of shop browsing because there is so much to see. Whether you are shopping for that day or arming yourself for future reference, you can be glad of the visit; the atmosphere alone will lift your spirits and of course our team can point you in the right direction when you are stumped.

Look for the new Dutch "bag in a bag". These are brilliant, they fold down to fit in your handbag or car, so the reality is that this is an item all of us will likely use sooner than later. With amazing design concepts, this bag will hold 20 kg and is fully machine washable; we have already gift wrapped many for clients in our stunning Swedish Christmas wrap and they are simply a great gift for that person who we don’t know what to buy for.

Enjoy the Spirit of Christmas at A Sheer Delight where no gift is too small whilst none is too large!

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