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Prestige Jasper 2018 Launch

While Josiah Wedgwood established himself in 1759, it was not until 1777 he presented the beauty and wonder of Jasper to the world. After more than 5,000 experiments over a period of years, requiring mental and physical endurance, Josiah’s search for this new ceramic body was complete.

A unique ceramic that soaked up colour like a sponge allowed for an endless palette of natural beauty. To the unique shapes he added embellishments in the form of Bas Relief, detailed images that were made of the clay separately and then hand applied, producing art in a new form.

"Shapes provide the stage and Bas Relief tells the story."

Today Jasper is still produced at the Wedgwood factory in Barlaston, Stoke on Trent, using the same techniques perfected in the 18th Century. The luxury of hi-tech kilns allows for more efficiency but the human touch is still required to produce these works, making each piece individual, with superb detailing that is the standard still expected of Wedgwood today.

One of Josiah Wedgwood’s natural talents was to surround himself with like-minded people. He engaged artists both professional and amateur, he listened to scientists of the day who, like he, were breaking new ground in their respective fields but whose talents he could utilise nonetheless.

The 18th Century was a great time for innovation in many spheres; it does however take a genius to listen, learn and relish with absolute intensity. For the sake of progress, Josiah himself fostered projects that while not directly connected to the ceramic industry provided satisfaction enough to witness the progress his contemporaries were taking. Wedgwood like his Jasper was a sponge to anything that could further his cause, and today we are still reaping the benefits of his legacy.

This year we are launching a new collection of jasper called Magnolia. It includes four pieces that can be purchased separately or as a complete set. The world just loves White on Pale Blue; clean and crisp, this design will fit into the most modern of homes while remaining a true classic. One of the prettiest bas relief works we have seen for a while, it is truly a delight to behold. Due to the shapes and imagery, this is a must for Wedgwood Collectors.

We have a sample in store and are inviting expressions of interest.

We are also offering a six month layby; a sensible option for those of us Wedgwoodians who would like the total story .

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