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Waterford Treasures of the Sea

Since 1783 when The Penrose Brothers founded Waterford Glassworks the necessity of design in relation to craftsmanship has always been paramount to the success of the company. The buying public have a high expectation of Waterford, and so they should, we are acquiring tomorrows heirlooms; all of the pieces we display have the ability to transcend both age and era.

There is nothing sweeter than to drink an Islay Malt or sparkling Veuve from A Waterford glass that has been in the family for generations; quite priceless. When we hold a glass it feels solid yet decadent, the liquid almost luminating from within, all of this is surprisingly calming in a busy world.

We were truly chuffed that Tom Brennan was able to return to A Sheer Delight , last year he enthralled many making us understand just why all pieces of Waterford are so special. Tom’s qualifications of over 30 years in the making spoke volumes as he gave us further insight into theWaterford Heritage.

The Waterford event instore was enjoyed by many clients who had the opportunity to see an extensive display of crystal while sipping from Waterford Clarendon flutes and clients were certainly captivated by an Artisan who cares passionately for his craft.

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