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2019 at A Sheer Delight

The New Year has brought with it the clean slate that we at A Sheer Delight relish.

We are launching into the shop an array of new products while restocking items that are enjoyed by all.

We have just landed an incredible selection of treasures from Germany; gift ware in the form of crystal and porcelain, these include mantle clocks, votives, stunning champagne flutes and much more; for that truly special occasion this range is worth investigating.

The range of Doggie placemats have already been an absolute hit - these are practical PVC mats for dogs with delightful photos of breeds and clever descriptions that are ringing true to all who have purchased. Further to this we have also launched a range of Cat and Dog doorstops. Something we all actually need but don’t get around to buying, these are beautifully priced at $19.95 so a treat for yourself or a fun gift when you do not know what to buy.

Always remember we do a 3 month lay by, which is very practical, especially when planning ahead for that precious gift.

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