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November 2019

November is an exciting time at A Sheer Delight!

We have a lot of new products arriving from overseas that are beautiful and unique; brilliant for those special people who you want to find that perfect gift for. To see things that are interesting and unusual is the key, items that we would love to own but wouldn’t treat ourselves to are often what makes a perfect gift.

We also have a huge collection of Australian made products and believe in supporting our own industries. In Australia our artists are coming of age and their designs are truly brilliant; appealing to us here in Australia and not just for the overseas gift requirements. Remember Australian made gifts are of excellent quality and are often more affordable.

Remember shopping locally allows us to provide a huge variety of products, keeping the business here in Western Australia and not the overseas retailer who will always remain faceless.

The biggest satisfaction at A Sheer Delight we hear after finding the appropriate gift at the right budget is the service we offer and the genuine level of customer care.

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